2008 Savanha Pinotage

Friday, September 25, 2009

This is what I am really excited about.

To me, this wine represents more than just a great value, but also an opportunity. At just 8.99 it brings a mouthful of flavors that you just can't find in your grocery store, or usually for twice the money. This wine really expanded my palate and blew me out of the water, I have had two bottles of this already and have another sitting in my cellar to try again in a year.

Tasting notes:

Color: pretty darn light, would have thought it to be a Pinot Noir by the color, can defiantly see my fingers through the glass. Pretty though.

Nose: very interesting bouquet, bringing cinnamon right off the bat followed up with red fruit and cherries. Quite nice, layered too.

Palate: Here's why I love this, unmistakable smoked fish right on the front and mid-palate. Pinotage and Shiraz both tend to bring smoky characteristics, but this is definitively like being in a smoke-house surrounded by curing fish. Also, some blue and black berry on the front and a nice finish of mocha. Overall, smooth - though at times a little off balance and peaking the alcohol, but (and a big but) this is a stellar and very affordable experience of a totally different and enjoyable flavor that would really bring the thunder to a potluck or dinner party.

P.S. I bought it a Trader Joe's.


Wine Futures

Monday, September 21, 2009
So here's my plan:

I am constantly trying to find the following things:

1. Like-minded people pursuing wine knowledge and expanding their horizons
2. Inexpensive means to try and explore good/fine/interesting wine
3. Means to share/explore ideas and tasting notes

No matter what the area of interest is, it is necessary to have a community of people who share your goals and values. Because I want to expand my palate, comfort zone and knowledge of wine, this blog is a tool -- reaching out to like-minded people who share my goals.

What I hope to deliver:

1. Anecdotes of being a young person trying, and trying to find new and interesting wines.
2. Tasting notes, my thoughts and opinions (and pictures) of the wines I try.
3. Opportunity for collaboration: from virtual discussions to local meet-ups and tastings.
4. Intrigue and passion

Thank you.

2008 Savanha Pinotage

Friday, September 25, 2009
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